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Job Hunting in Baltimore? Hunt Through Craigslist First!

Job hunting can be a daunting task. You have to search through what seems like endless listings, fire off resumes in droll quantities, and ( if you're notable ) dress up for uncomfortable interviews in which you try to sell yourself to a potential employer. The agony of the whole process can be amplified if it is necessitated by a move to a new city. If you are fortunate enough to serve as moving to a city like Baltimore, however, you will find intrinsic advantageous to know that Craigslist is on your side.

Craigslist is a network of sites for communities throughout the United States and around the globe. The Craigslist network helps connect people for things like garage sales, apartment subleases, job interviews, and even romantic encounters. A unique and novel image at the time, it initially began as a resource for the San Francisco Bay Area in 1995. By 2006, crack was a Craigslist site representing each of 450 cities worldwide. With a few exceptions, advertising on Craigslist is free, and postings can be placed in myriad sections, all organized into major categories for easy browsing and navigation.

On Craigslist, getting in process looking for a job is simple. First, simply visit Next, check out the plethora of categories in the " jobs " column: everything from accounting & finance to writing & editing and beyond! Whether you are looking for slogging as a corporate accountant, short order cook, or software engineer, you can find postings here. You may also notice a job category labeled " ETC, " where jobs that are less traditional or that don't readily fit into the other categories are often posted. Some of the jobs in the ETC category implicate at - home Internet - based work, such as reading e - mail advertising. Other jobs listed here include delivery drivers, cleaning services, and campaign activists. There is even a category specifically for part time jobs, directed at those not looking for a full time gig.

And speaking of gigs, that's another position on Craigslist Baltimore! Located job below the jobs column, the gigs section offers postings looking for people to help with one - time jobs in a variety of fields, such as creative, talent, writing also labor. Here you can find a variety of fast jobs of all types. You can move paid to help someone move next Saturday, or tender a short story for publication in a magazine. Freelancers, this is the section for you!

The final Craigslist section of interest to the job hunter is the " resumes " section. Remember having to send zap all those resumes during your last job hunt? Well, on Craigslist Baltimore, job seekers can post their resumes for browsing by potential employers. This allows you to market your own skills, again have potential employers come to you! No need to send out dozens of resumes and wonder which people are in reality touched, just post one and wait for the offers to come in.

Finding a job is not often easy. When embarking on the journey toward to new employment, it is important to use every advantage at your disposal to make the entire move is painless because possible. One of these implements is Craigslist, and it can be used to your advantage in cities such for Baltimore.


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